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Erin Oldynski and Rumeesa Khalid - We are University of Waterloo students who will be presenting a zine making workshop as part of Culture Camp! We will bring all of the necessary materials, including magazines, paper, a typewriter, as well as a zine library. Each participant will be asked to create at least one zine page on the theme of the meaning of community. For example, participants could write a short story or a poem, and then cut out images from magazines to design the layout of their page. Our zine library will allow participants to see examples of other zines from around the country and from Kitchener-Waterloo. At the end of the workshop, Erin and Rumeesa will collect all of the pages and put them together to form one cohesive zine. We will then photocopy it and mail it out to all of the participants. (We will have a sign-in sheet for names and mailing addresses for those who contributed to the zine and would like to receive the final copy.)  All free of charge, of course!


Brock Hart


Emily Robson


Brian W. Scott


Julianna Yau

Stone sculptress, independent advocate for the arts, tech enthusiast and general geek.


Martin de Groot


Nicole Wright


Jesse Ariss


Fatima Garzan



Laura Robson