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KW CultureCamp is about what’s possible in our community when people come together to share their experiences and hopes for the future.

It’s about passion for possibility.


KW CultureCamp is a four-event, open-space, collaboration project. Participants create the event by sharing their experiences through sessions, as well as stories, photos and video. Sessions highlight what is critical about our community, what is working well.


KW CultureCamp is about what we have, not what we don’t.


What are the four events?

The first will Discover what we have.

In the second we will Dream about what could be.

The third will Design what we want to do.

The fourth will Deliver by helping groups self-organize around ideas.


What is an open-space event?

An open-space event encourages collaboration through participation. At KW CultureCamp there are not observers, only participants. This participation can be as simple as bringing a photo with an address and a story about it.

Anyone can present a session on anything. As a KW CultureCamper it is your right and obligation to be engaged in the session you are attending. If you’re not interested, it’s the law of two feet - don’t like the session, use your two feet and go to another.


Who should attend?

KW CultureCampers are anyone interested in their community where they’ve chosen to live. You should attend if you want to make our community the best place to live in Canada. KW CultureCampers should be willing to connect with like minded individuals around shared ideas and values. Although it's called "KW" CultureCamp, it's intended to encompass the entire Waterloo Region.




What is working, what is our community?



  • google map projected on a large screen showing Kitcher-Waterloo being populated with photos and video brought by participants
  • KW CultureCamp wi-fi genius’ will be available to help KW CultureCampers connect to the network, upload content, log into the blog/wiki
  • Photos can be uploaded to Flickr, tags will be provided at the event to let us collect them after
  • Breakfast and lunch provided to KW CultureCampers
  • Open session charts to determine KW CultureCamp content



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